A Weapon and a Shield

For the last 30 years, the worst thing that a person in America could be called is a “racist”. If that label somehow got attached to you, whether true or not, it was a death knell. You could be canceled from society or fired from your job, no questions asked. So, for decades, people in America have been silenced from telling the truth on important issues for fear of being called a racist. Anybody who advocates for securing our southern border, and reducing the numbers of illegal immigrants that walk into our country is immediately called a racist. He is discredited and his objection to the United States government willfully compromising our national sovereignty is silenced.

 If you support our law enforcement officials because you believe that law and order is vital to maintaining a civil society, you will be called a racist. The ACLU has stated publicly that supporting our police officers is a “dog whistle” for white supremacy. If disagree with affirmative action, believing the practice of using a person’s race as one of the criteria in the hiring process is wrong, you’ll be dismissed as a racist. If you support meritocracy, believing that people should be rewarded based on merit, not skin color, you are called a white supremacist. As anti-intellectual and dangerous that this tactic is, it has proven to be very successful in American politics.

This tactic has become so effective in America that the rest of the world which consumes American politics has started using the tactic against America. Immediately after the 9/11 attacks, in which radical Islamic terrorists hijacked four planes and flew them into our largest buildings, killing 3,000 United States citizens, if anybody pointed out the shared religion of the terrorists and their motivation, they were immediately called Islamophobic. It didn’t matter if you qualified your critique of the Muslim hijackers with words, like “extreme” or “radical”, the mere mention of the words, Islam or Muslim in the same sentence as terrorist, elicited the charge of Islamophobia. So, Muslims attacked America and killed 3,000 Americans based solely on the fact that we have different religions than they do, but if we point that out, we are the bigots not them. And many people in the media and on the left fell for this tactic, because being called a racist or a bigot is as bad as anything you could be labeled.

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