Adults in Charge?

We were told that Joe Biden was going to bring sanity back to the White House. ‘The adults were back in charge,’ they said. After two and a half years, it appears that no one is in charge other than far-left ideologues embedded in his cabinet. The first things that Joe Biden did after his inauguration was open our southern border and go on a multi-trillion-dollar spending spree. Government spending became so out of control that we experienced hyper-inflation which devalued the dollar and forced the Fed to increase interest rates which is now crashing the housing market. Our open borders have allowed a flood of 7 million illegal immigrants into this country which has prompted the leaders of so-called “sanctuary” states and cities to call for the federal government to secure the border and stop illegal immigration. Crime is out of control. We have record high homelessness and record high drug overdoses under Biden. Adults do not act recklessly. Adults are able to make hard decisions. Adults enforce the law. Adults are strong enough to say, “no”. 

 In September, Joe Biden cut a deal with Iran – trading $6 billion for 5 American hostages. He handed the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism, $6 billion. Republicans at the time criticized Biden for negotiating with a terrorist state and warned that the $6 billion would eventually be used to sponsor terrorism against America and our allies. How do we get our hostages back, if we never negotiate with terrorist states? You make America so strong on the international stage that we could easily create a coalition which could impose our will on the negotiation. But Joe Biden, the adult, has done the exact opposite. He has weakened America on the world stage. He continually puts America last. Far-leftwing ideologues believe that America is an evil nation, and its wealth and power were gained illegally and fraudulently, so it should be weakened. Biden has weakened America to such an extent internationally that world no longe rcares what America wants or needs. The world laughs at America.

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