America – We Have A Problem: The Covid Vaccine & The Coming Catastrophe Facing our National Airspace System

…So what do we do now?  We’ve learned that our nation’s pilots, flight attendants, air traffic controllers, and other aviation professionals were forced to take the Covid 19 shots by their companies or by the federal government or else lose their jobs through forced retirement or even  outright firing.

We then learned of the emerging consequences of those mandates.  Aviation professionals—among millions of other people in the world—are suffering severe cardiac events and even death because of these shots.  The emphasis of this article is the increasing frequency of these events happening specifically to pilots.  The effect of a major cardiac event happening to your pilot in a critical phase of flight such as takeoff or landing—high-workload events close to the ground—can be catastrophic to you as a passenger or even to you as an innocent person on the ground under the aircraft’s flight path.

Because of the vast number of pilots failing flight physicals, going on long-term disability, or even reporting for work unfit to fly since the rollout of the shot, it became apparent to the FAA medical community that a new problem had appeared.  In such a case, examination of the extreme can be valuable for analysis.  For example, given the increasing rate of these medical events in the pilot force, the logical extreme is that eventually there would not be enough pilots left to operate the nation’s airlines.  By extension, all commerce provided by air would cease, and with that the country could come to a slow, grinding halt.

To give you an idea of the extent of this problem, recall how excited the government and the airlines were to announce that 95%…no!…98% of our pilots are vaccinated?  Estimates are that 80% of the commercial pilots in the U.S. have taken the shot.  According to Federal Aviation Administration data from 2022, there are just over 104,000 commercial pilots in AmericaWithout treatment (emphasis mine), a mortality rate of approximately 20% in two years is expected in this group (editor’s note: this is the 5 year rate mortality rate after an initial case of myocarditis- this rate is reported in previous peer reviewed studies).  The expected mortality rate in five years is much higher.  Public math reveals that without treatment, we could lose over 20,000 pilots.  Have you been paying attention to the hundreds of articles over the last few months related to the “Died Suddenly” phenomena?  Based on what you should’ve been reading, does this number not seem totally plausible?

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