America’s War Plan to Stop the Mexican Cartels

America’s War Plan to Stop the Mexican Cartels

The unfortunate lack of acknowledgment by the Biden administration of the ongoing murder and slaughter of Americans by the Mexican drug cartels suggests that the Secretary of State will likely not act. Therefore, we are sending this directive directly and asking citizens of America to do the same, to the Speaker of the House, given that the Constitution grants Congress the sole power to declare war. We ask Speaker McCarthy to then convey this directive to Congressional leadership, the White House, the Secretary of State and Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Commanding General of SOCOM to fulfill this directive.

Intelligence Analysis: The cartels in Mexico now control the US Southern Border and the government of Mexico and are responsible for supporting the invasion of illegal border groups and individuals across the Southern border. They are also responsible for the drug trafficking of illegal drugs responsible for the killing of thousands of American citizens. The Cartels are concurrently trafficking and human smuggling operations. Drug cartels in Mexico are mass-producing fentanyl and methamphetamine sourced from chemicals in China, distributing these substances throughout the United States. We are finding these deadly drugs in every state; in cities, suburbs, rural areas, and local communities spanning the country.

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