Archer confirms what we knew about "Joe the Brand", but it was Dan Goldman who provided the comedy yesterday – Flopping Aces

Yesterday Devon Archer confirmed all suspicions about the Bidens. Hunter did put Joe on the phone two dozen times with foreign entities. Joe Biden was “the brand.” Joe Biden the “Brand” saved the corrupt Burisma. “Joe the Brand” prostituted his position as VP for cash. But it was Dan Goldman who provided the comedy entertainment for the day.

Dan Goldman is the classic rich liberal white boy born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Miranda Devine:

Let me introduce you to Dan Goldman, recently hatched representative of New York’s 10th Congressional District, smarmy heir to the Levi Strauss fortune, Democrats’ staff attorney during the first impeachment of Donald Trump, Russiagate hoaxer, liberal darling of MSNBC, and, since he was sworn in four months ago, stock market trader with an uncanny Midas touch.

Goldman, 47, owes his unlikely primary win last year to the millions he spent on his self-funded campaign, and the generous endorsement of the New York Times, whose owners, the Sulzbergers, have enjoyed generations of cozy ties to the Goldman family.

It is hard to find a finer example of elite privilege than this blue-eyed son of Sidwell Friends, Stanford and Yale.

Entitlement oozing from every pore, Goldman is training to be the new Adam “Shifty” Schiff, the mendacious congressman he admires “tremendously,” as he told the Times, more than any member of Congress in history, and whom he promised to “emulate.”

His middle name is Sachs. Daniel Sachs Goldman. Sounds familiar.

Goldman broke out in a flop sweat as he mumbled and stumbled his way through a litany of lies trying to convince the country Archer did not say what he said. He floated this nonsense

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