Are Diabetes and Other Chronic Diseases Really Reversible?

Are Diabetes and Other Chronic Diseases Really Reversible?

Natalia Schifini – Wellness Consultant

Instagram: @ReverseDiabetesHolistically



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A 2020 CDC report showing Type-1 Diabetes surging to historically high levels shocked America.  Beyond just diabetes, there is a larger trend of increasing autoimmune conditions – an autoimmune storm – being seen across the world.  In America, it rose from 10% of the population in 1990, to 50% by 2010!  Today, chronic disease eats up 90% of America’s annual health spending.

Though conventionally trained doctors will disagree, chronic disease is actually reversible.  They have been taught that no cure(s) exists, and chronic disease needs to be managed with an endless pipeline of prescriptions – like insulin or statins, or other drugs.  Over time, these prescriptions can bankrupt a family.  With some studies showing higher diabetes rates post-Covid vaccination, don’t worry – pharma has come out with a new diabetes drug, one that doesn’t require exercise or weight loss dieting – common sense be damned! 

Freedom Hub promotes functional assessments that can start this reversal without the drugs, and wellness consultant Schifini is all over LinkedIn with treatment plans of a more natural sort.

On LinkedIn she wrote:

“The insulin resistance and gaining that weight surely did not start yesterday. Coming from a place of self-love and extreme self-care is key, that is part of the healing required to be able to “Reverse Diabetes Holistically” and lose the weight but to ensure you do not gain that weight again, and stay healthy for life!”

Patients are lying to their doctors about prescription compliance, they don’t trust the authorities, and they want better alternatives.  Learn about them at Your Freedom Hub,  because we platform the healers and health (and finance) solutions that actually work.

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