Audience Laughs AT Pompous Blowhard Brian Williams

Have you wondered what Brian Williams is doing lately after first being tossed off the anchor seat at NBC Nightly News in disgrace for lying about his own “bravery” followed by years in the MSNBC wilderness going full TDS before finally being put out to pasture? Well, apparently he is now shilling shamelessly for cable movies. In this case you can see Blowhard Brian shilling for the horrible’ Netflix remake of “All Quiet On the Western Front.” There are many many ways in which this remake is horrible but let me just present the ABSURD ending in which with just minutes left until the Armistice begins on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918, a mental case German commander orders his troops into a meaningless suicidal assault upon the French trenches. For some strange reason, the German troops despite grumbling go ahead with the assault. Was their ANY example of such stupidity on the part of the troops happening just before the Armistice went into effect. Perhaps the writers felt the original book and the first movie made in 1930 didn’t have enough of an action packed ending so added in their own comic book style ending.

However, despite this poorly written ending, I FORGIVE one of the writers, Ian Stokell. Why? Because of the very British succinct manner in which he cut Blowhard Brian William’s down to size after the FORMER NBC/MSNBC anchor delivered a long-winded, TDS-laced question designed to demonstrate how knowledgeable he thinks he is.

Watch as Blowhard Williams is publicly humiliated followed by his desperate but FAILED attempt to recover.

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Posted by pjcomix

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