Biden's illegal invasion is an unfunded mandate killing US cities and he's planning to expand it – Flopping Aces

Recently Joe Biden bragged about his intention to allow more massive amounts of illegals to flood the country and it’s frightening.

“Biden brags about his “balanced approach” to illegal immigration, which “includes enforcing our borders, increasing reparations, and opening historic number of legal pathways for migrants”

Reparations for migrants?

What I never heard talked about is the fact that this is an unfunded mandate. Biden does everything he can to keep the borders open for illegal invasion, to keep fentanyl flowing across the border, keep money pouring into the coffers of Mexican cartels and keep human trafficking flourishing.

This has a human horrible cost. Young females are being abused on their travels to here. Over 100,00 are dying every year from opiate overdose, most from fentanyl. Then there is a gigantic financial cost to America.

We have seen how big-mouth politicians have devolved into mealy-mouthed politicians when their boasts of being sanctuary states and cities have their words shoved down their throats. One is tempted to simply say “They asked for this. Their constituents voted for this” and that’s a fair assessment.

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