Building UP via Community; the Intentional Capital Construct Theory

Building UP via Community; the Intentional Capital Construct Theory

Dr. James Cook – Individual Development Director, Washington Area Community Investment Fund, Inc. (WACIF)



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With those thinking for themselves following Robert F. Kennedy’s historic presidential campaign, and thus the amazing podcasts where he dives more deeply into today’s controversies than the media wants to tolerate, one of his themes that has excited attention are his proposals for urban renewal.  It actually was a Republican, Jack Kemp, who when running the Housing and Urban Development Department under Reagan first proposed “enterprise zones” to incent businesses to invest in the inner city and other underserved areas.

Freedom Hub over the years has heard from many leaders in local empowerment, including the:

Possibility of “free” cities and local freedom “pods”;

The (terrifying?) allure of “smart” cities and its opposite “sanctuary” from corrupt politicians;

Use of “microlearning” to empower local entrepreneurs – the need for everyone to “overcome their inner bureaucrat”, to be so visionary as to architect a bold new world.

This week’s presentation is well-timed, coming off the worldwide, science-free shutdown of businesses without any due process or compensation.  Previously Larry Sharpe coached sabotaged creators on how to rebuild their lives from the tyrants.  Dr. Cook is focused on the inner city of our nation’s capitol and will share his lessons on what engages the community, how to raise money for beautiful ventures, and how to unleash the can-do spirit in depressed areas.

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