Can Hospitality Raise Direct Primary Care to Another Level?



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Can Hospitality Raise Direct Primary Care to Another Level?

Dr. Jake Mutch – DO

So Freedom Hub has hosted a LOT of Direct Primary Care (DPC) leaders, over our 5 years of weekly shows – including their lobbyist just last week (on allowing DPC subscriptions for families saving in an HSA).  Two themes challenge the concept:

Is the monthly fee worth it, and are the primary care docs “integrated” enough to supply the increasing demand of patients for more personalized, preventive care?


But what if a doctor also took the lessons learned from world-class hospitality–from your favorite hotel or restaurant–and applied them to getting accessible health care?


Osteopathic Physicians Jake and Christina Mutch take this tailored approach to care in their boutique DPC micro practice.  In August 2020, they opened Defiant Direct Primary Care with the guiding principle of asking: “What would healthcare look like if it were easy?”  By focusing on the patient’s experience and a more holistic form of care, they’re able to not only address current health concerns, but also integrate proactive prevention of future ones–using sleep, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness.  Their website writes: Interested in building better habits, or learning about a plant-based diet?  We do that, too.

The case for DPC has been made for large families, chronically ill patients, and workers in large firms.  Except for acute emergencies, DPC docs can resolve 80% of illnesses and accidents.  They often have access to cheaper meds, tests & labs, and even virtual specialist consulting to triage more serious issues.  For chronic patients, the opportunity to freely return to the doctor every month eases the cost and hassle of booking and paying for separate appointments.  In fact, the DPC price structure can help control the fundamental cost overruns of the entire health marketplace.


This week, we find out if more DPCs can offer a home to the patients made increasingly picky after suffering through conventional, corporate medicine.

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