Can the Earth Really Be Flat?



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Can the Earth Really Be Flat?

Dave Weis –

Watch this video – but not to answer that absurd-sounding question.

So, those who know me know I don’t shy away from giving conspiracies — I mean conspiracy theories — some consideration.  As an investigative journalist/producer who has been covering health freedom and UFO/ET issues for decades (and who has personally seen UFOs in broad daylight and not-quite-human-looking beings), I think I’m a pretty open-minded guy. But a FLAT Earth?  Even for me, that’s pushing it. 

Keeping with our Thursday, Freedom Hub Show mission of “opening up the conversation,” it was time to take on the Flat Earth.  My initial thoughts were that the whole Flat Earth thing was a CIA-created ruse designed to split apart the growing Truther movement.  After listening to Dave’s talk, not only do feel that’s not the case anymore, but I am also left wondering if the world is, in fact, round.  I’m not fully convinced it’s flat, either, but I do feel there is something going on that deserves further exploration.

UC Berkeley Physics Professor Richard Muller, author of “Now, The Physics of Time,” took on the Flat Earthers on Reddit.  Though it’s clear (IMHO) he’s a conventional thinker and – or perhaps wants to appear that way to keep his tenure — he raised a great point:  How do we know anything?

“I have many personal answers, many of my own observations that show me that the Earth is not flat. You too? Can you do so without reverting to authority, to some book that you found in a library, or in a drawer next to your bed in a hotel room?

Flat Earth arguments show how difficult it is to determine truth based on personal experience alone; we may trust what we read, but do we choose what we read in an unbiased way? All these issues make Flat Earth discussions into a useful exercise, a useful learning aid…”

The professor is on point. The value of this presentation is less about the shape of our world than exploring what is “out there,” and what is true for you.

As the “this is not possible,” mind-bending evidence continues to mount that the CV-19 pandemic was, in fact, an act of bio-terrorism perpetrated against us — the human race — large cracks in our worldview have begun to form. Concurrently, people have been seeing that much of what they’d been taught and told – from history to education to science… and more importantly medical science – is in large part, lies.  Seen in that context, Dave’s Flat Earth talk gives us a powerful and entertaining way to dip our toes into – or dive headfirst into — the deep and fast-flowing river of cosmic consciousness and revelations. 

Personally speaking, I became very upset and angry years ago after I went down the “rabbit hole” and learned that much of the world I was living in was… a fabrication.  But, when I caught my breath and started learning the Truth – the REAL science, the REAL medicine, and our REAL nature (as “spiritual beings having a human experience”), it was tremendously liberating and great fun! 

So, watch the show and start thinking about, ‘How do I know things?’  Like me, you may indeed discover a silver lining there — and that the best is truly yet to come!

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