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Canada: Gov’t Demands Secrecy Oath to View Covid Vaccine Contracts

A recent paper analyzed and confirmed by vaccine data expert Steve Kirsch estimated a stunning 13 million Covid-19 vaccine-induced deaths worldwide. That doesn’t include the many millions more of Covid vaccine-induced injuries, many of them permanent and severely damaging. That wouldn’t tie into why Marxist Canadian PM Trudeau’s party is demanding oaths of secrecy from any Members of Parliament who view Canada’s Covid vaccine contracts, would it?

Canada became a near-dictatorship under Trudeau during Covid. From harsh crackdowns on the Canadian trucker freedom protest, to praising China, to planning to roll out a digital ID required to do or buy anything, Trudeau and his allies are petty dictators.

As of yet, no details have emerged regarding the specifics of the contracts, even though $1 billion worth of COVID vaccines have expired.”

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Posted by CatSalgado32

Catherine Salgado is a columnist for The Rogue Review, a Writer for MRC Free Speech America, and writes her own Substack, Pro Deo et Libertate. She received the Andrew Breitbart MVP award for August 2021 from The Rogue Review for her journalism.

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