Chris Wray Confirms Via Obfuscation that J6 Full of Undercover Feds

Convenient obfuscation is just another way of LYING and FBI Director Christopher Wray is a grand master of it. His latest example of lying via obfuscation came many times during Wray’s interview with Brett Baier on Fox News on February 28. Most notable was his obfuscation (lying) about how many undercover feds were among the Capitol crowd on January 6, 2021. First we were told that absolutely NO undercover feds were present to the media admitting maybe a few were present but, as we suspect and Wray won’t directly answer, most likely that crowd was CHOCK FULL of undercover feds, many of them active instigators such as Ray Epps as well as the only known ARMED “protestor,” Luke Robinson aka Ginger Gun.

Included in this video is a bonus LIE by Wray.

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Posted by pjcomix

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