Communist President Biden to Give US Health Authority to Global Elitists and WHO


Communist President Biden to Give US Health Authority to Global Elitists and WHO Their Pandemic Response: Treaty will discriminate against travelers based on vax status

James Roguski, Investigative Journalist

Jeffrey Tucker wrote in 2021 how only 8% of the public trust the government a “great deal” in domestic affairs, with only 16% believing Covid Narrative authorities.  And that’s our own national bureaucracies:  CDC, FDA, NIH & HHS.  What about the global elitists’ bureaucracies under the United Nations, including the WHO – the World Health Organization?

You may have heard that Trump separated us from the WHO, but how many know of the Biden Administration’s recent ceding of the Pandemic Response Authority – turning our sovereignty over to the WHO and the International Health Regulations?

As soon as this May, the WHO will vote to take over the pandemic response for treaty signatories – including most modern nations like the U.S.  And how would the WHO outdo the Tony Fauci’s in health tyranny?  Well, first let’s understand that Fauci’s friends in the system who are coding for health insurance reimbursement, just added a code for the one third of Americans who are declining participation in the Covid vaccine experiment, and a second code for those not complying with the entire CDC Vaccine Schedule.  Half the U.S. states have set up infrastructure for a vaccine passport, and Congress is about to pass a bill forcing states to share vaccine uptake data – for tracking.  The WHO has proposed using such passports and tracking to deny international travel to the unvaxxed; tyranny at its worst.  

Couple that with the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) being implemented, and the ESG-investing based energy rationing, and we have a recipe for worldwide implementation of Communist China’s behavior manipulation / compliance coercion system. Or worse.

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