Connecting the Dots: Biden's Iran Blame Game and the Path to War – Flopping Aces

If Biden is trying to provoke Iran — which seems completely reasonable to me — it seems more likely to be for reasons such as blaming Iran (and stingy Republicans) for what is about to happen to Ukraine, and so the U.S. can enter a wartime period where mailaway voting rules might be loosened up again, just like last election cycle.

That’s all kooky talk, of course. Our neocon leaders by nature may be aggressive, belligerent, and provocative, but they aren’t crazy. They’re not crazy, right? Right? I mean, they wouldn’t provoke an Israeli-Iranian war and invite retaliatory domestic terror attacks in America just to grease the skids for more mail-in balloting? That’s too far even for them. Isn’t it?

Surely they couldn’t be that incompetent?

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Posted by cstarman417

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