Controlled Opposition

On Friday, Congressman Jim Jordan was removed as the Republican nominee for Speaker of the House by a secret ballot. Some Republicans are complaining that ousting Kevin McCarthy earlier this month from his Speakership has now caused the Republican party to lose one month of governing. But it is fair to ask, how much “governing” were they actually doing? Passing Continuing Resolutions and Omnibus packages is not governing; itis merely going along with the swamp. That type of “governing” is the reason why we are $33 trillion in debt. That type of “governing” is the reason why inflation has been out of control and why the average family’s grocery bill has increased 30% since Joe Biden took office. That type of “governing” is not governing at all; it is essentially picking the pockets of the American citizens. 

Does it really matter if we have a Speaker if the end results with a Speaker are same bloated pieces of legislation which got us into this mess to begin with? Yesterday, it was announced that the United States federal deficit has doubled this year to $1.7 trillion. If nobody is willing to stand up against this lunacy, America is simply going to decline into an even more corrupt, secondary country. And that is what the Democrats truly want, and that is what true Conservatives are fighting against. 

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