Dems Boot Trump from Ballot in Anti-Constitutional, Hypocritical Move

The Democrat-appointed Supreme Court of Colorado has kicked Donald Trump off the state’s ballots, falsely claiming he incited insurrection (which he has never been charged with). But the reality is that the only true traitors and election deniers are now, as they have always been, the Democrats.

If “election deniers” are insurrectionists, where is the lawfare against Democrat election deniers like Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams? Why are Democrats like Kamala Harris not considered “insurrectionists” for praising and encouraging BLM and Antifa protestors to violate laws, attack law enforcement, stir up racial hatred, and burn down cities in a miniature civil war that convulsed America in 2020? Why are the Democrats who stolethe 2020 election and trampled the Constitution not to be disqualified from office? Democrats always accuse their opponents of the very crimes that they themselves are actually committing.

By the way, this isn’t the first time Democrats have tried to rig an election by keeping a Republican candidate off the ballot. The 1860 presidential election saw a number of Southern states’ ballots lacking Republican Abraham Lincoln (Democrats never change, do they?). We can only hope this tactic will backfire in 2024 just as it did in 1860, when Lincoln still secured the electoral victory.

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Posted by CatSalgado32

Catherine Salgado is a columnist for The Rogue Review, a Writer for MRC Free Speech America, and writes her own Substack, Pro Deo et Libertate. She received the Andrew Breitbart MVP award for August 2021 from The Rogue Review for her journalism.

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