Dems Soil Their Undies As House GOP Subpoenas Banking Records Of Hunter And Friends – The Lid

Gee, I thought they were only allowed to go after President Trump’s banking records. But there’s a big difference this time. They went after Trump’s bank records because he had the absolute nerve to be elected. In the case of Hunter and friends, there’s already been plenty of evidence, but the media, the Dept. of Justice, and Democrats have been hiding the truth since Oct. 2020.

Per the Dems in Congress and their lemmings in the press, this investigation is about picking on the President’s son, but they are very wrong. Much of the evidence against Hunter connects with President Biden. The real purpose of the investigation is to discover the involvement of Joe in Hunter’s business dealings, especially his ones with other countries, like China or Russia, for instance. How involved in Hunter’s business was Joe Biden?

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