Denial in the post-COVID era – Behind The Black – Robert Zimmerman

The stream of new data about the failures of all the policies imposed on free Americans during the Wuhan panic has become so consistent and repetitive that, to a certain extent, I have become bored reporting it — especially because I have been reporting these facts over and over again since March 2020.

Nonetheless, it is important to do so. When the next new flu-type strain appears, and the power-hungry thugs that run our government try to fear-monger us all to gain power, it will help the general citizenry resist that fear-mongering by having more knowledge.

This essay is also partly inspired by my own doctor, Robert Lending, who since 2020 has been sending out periodic email updates on the state of the epidemic. From the beginning Lending tried to be as neutral as possible, avoiding any political battles or taking sides. He was not against lockdowns or mask mandates, but he also respected those that opposed them. Thus, he did not insist his patients where masks, especially when they had health reasons to not do so, unlike almost all other doctors. His updates simply reported on the research and situation at the time, based on real data.

His most recent update however was different. It began with this blunt headline: “Should we start renaming COVID-19 to Pfizer-23?” and continued like so:…

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