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On January 4th, the EPA announced the first mass-marketed Smart Home Energy Management System to earn ENERGY STAR certification, which received zero media coverage by groups like the Trusted News Initiative and their “industry partners” conducting coordinated bans on all ENERGY STAR-related issues for decades. The EPA’s press release informs us that the new Samsung SmartThings Home Energy service has integrations that span thousands of partner brands but never explain why Americans should be forced to buy products and services from EPA-selected corporate partners. We’re all supposed to pretend that if the members of the World Economic Forum, Commonwealth Club in California, and the Prosperity Partnership in Washington State think ENERGY STAR is a trusted partner, we should also. Nobody bothers to question when Congress authorized the Dept of Energy to create profit-driven enterprises or to market EPA products on behalf of the USA to our global trade partners. Don’t ask to see the process employed by DOE to select Samsung Corp as the sole provider for that national network or seek any technical data on the product’s performance. It’s none of your business!

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