Election Fraud Made the Looming World War Possible

President Donald Trump stayed true to his promise to start no new wars, and that royally pissed off the military industrial complex’s vanguard, comprised of bureaucrats on both sides of the mostly imaginary partisan divide, both elected and appointed.  Trump effectively managed and drew down the chaotic, unwinnable conflicts our military had been submerged in for decades, and wielded military might when needed (just ask the family of Qasem Soleimani), but did not escalate global tensions to a breaking point as his illegitimate successor, Joseph R. Biden, has done in just two short years.

Neo-cons gnash their teeth when Trump mentions his diplomacy with Kim Jong-un, because they incorrectly perceive the role of the U.S. Military as a global hammer, and anyone else standing in the way our America’s role of being global police and economic sugar daddies as nails to be hammered.  Most of them would never struggle under the personal worry of having a son or daughter in harm’s way fighting an unjustifiable or unnecessary war of aggression, and consider only the economic benefit of perpetual war as motivating factor in their disgusting, warmongering behavior.

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Posted by cstarman417

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