Imagine if you sent your son off to college with a credit card that was meant to be used only to pay for the essentials and emergencies. And every month that credit card was maxed out, with spending on alcohol, parties, video games, and so forth. After the school year was over, what would you do? Would you call the credit card company and ask them to increase the credit limit on the card, so your son can continue his spending spree on non-essential, frivolous items, or would you take a scissors, cut up the credit card, and demand that your son gets a job that summer to pay off the balance of the card? 

 This is essentially the decision that we have right now when dealing with the debt ceiling. Too often, we have allowed the politicians in Washington to run wild with our credit cards, engaging in frivolous spending over and over and over again, and our only response has been to repeatedly raise the debt ceiling which allows our irresponsible politicians to spend more and more and more and more of our money. Our money. Not theirs. Our money. They spend our money, all the time without a conscience. Even the money that they think is theirs – their salaries – is our money because their salaries are paid with our tax dollars. 

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Posted by juddgarrett

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