Fake Arrests vs Real Arrests

Fake arrests have become very popular among the Performance Art Left. Among the most prominent of these fake arrest performers are Greta Thunberg and AOC. They make fake arrests seem to be so much fun that Greta Thunberg even performed an encore of her fake arrest in Germany with another fake arrest recently in Norway. Of course, she would never dare to stage a protest in the world’s greatest polluter, China. They don’t do fake arrests there. Instead they would execute the dreaded REAL arrest followed by a long term as a slave laborer at starvation rations in a prison factory making knick-knacks for export. And how long do you think a performance artist such as Greta Thunberg or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could exist in such harsh conditions? A week? A month? Probably not much longer. After all, performance artists who thrive on fake arrests are quite fragile.

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Posted by pjcomix

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