False Witness

If you happen to watch the Super Bowl this evening, you will see two commercials, one during each half, with the tagline “He Gets Us”. The “He” the commercials refer to is Jesus. On the surface, this appears to be a positive thing. But don’t be fooled. “He Gets Us” is a movement that has spent close to $1 billion over the last few years running ads which are distorting the life and teaching of Jesus. This movement wants us to see Jesus as a man, and not Jesus, the savior, the Messiah. They never refer to Jesus as Jesus Christ; it’s always only Jesus. They are taking the Christ out of Jesus. There is no mention of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice for ours sins and for our salvation. They have secularized Jesus, stripped him of his divinity, and are using him to push their earthly agenda.

On their website, they describe Jesus as, “This shocking and even revolutionary figure — who challenged the status quo of his time, who spoke out against the religious and political leaders of his day, who advocated for the marginalized and oppressed, but who always, always, always loved others despite their identity, beliefs, or values. Jesus showed us the path to human flourishing and fulfillment was to love others as oneself, even if it costs you your life.” They carefully insert their politicized language into their description of Jesus, using words like, “revolutionary”, “marginalized”, “oppressed”, and “identity”. This is language straight out of Marxism. And like the devil and all good Marxists, they know how to effectively mix the truth in with their lies.

This movement is not interested in spreading the true message of Jesus Christ to the world; it is hijacking his teaching for their own purposes. Their websites states that “We look at the biography of Jesus through a modern lens to find new relevance in often overlooked moments and themes from his life.” That “new relevance” is their way of exploiting Jesus to support their ideology.

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Posted by juddgarrett

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