Favorites Trump and RFK Haven't a Clue About the Gold Standard Fix

Favorites Trump and RFK Haven’t a Clue About the Gold Standard Fix

George Smith – Author, “The Jolly Roger Dollar” (a story of how money became an instrument of theft) & “The Flight of the Barbarous Relic



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Since the capture of America by the banksters – with the 1913 central bank Federal Reserve Act – the Wall Street-dependent press, academia, and government have brainwashed the public to enjoy “cheap money.” Pretty much, that is how Roman citizens cared not about societal implosion as long as Cesar provided “bread and circuses”.

Can we avoid the ever-predicted financial crash without raising rates? Or, as Mr. Smith will present, can we actually build a groundswell to demand a return of the pro-human Gold Standard?

The problem, as George and most libertarians know, started in the Roaring 20s, a period romanticized by F. Scott Fitzgerald — with hardly ever warning of the boom being inflated by the nascent Fed. And things didn’t get better until 2007 when Occupy Wall Street brought progressives together with Ron Paul devotees to finger the Banksters as the real enemy of humanity that they are.

Is it hopeless, given the banal response of Trump and RFK to the Fed’s recent rate hikes? Can the Bitcoin revolution offer any solution to this debate?

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