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Feces-Obsessed Sports Host & Lawyer Goes Off Script, Nobody Cares About Your White Communist Politics Mike Florio!!

Spread the reality, RealityShed.Com –So we were minding our own business, running some searches, and reading headlines, when we were accosted (luckily not Jim Acosta’ed) by extremism during a sweep of sports news. We don’t watch games any more, but we do still have childhood favorite teams we keep up on. Imagine our surprise when […]

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Chlorine Dioxide Cl O2 – also know as MMS – Friend or Foe? And no it is NOT bleach, it has had a 100% success record in treating C19 in central and south Americ

They Didn't Die of COVID They Died of Negligence and Medical Malfeasance – Granite Grok