FIVE REASONS the 2020 Election FAILED – Flopping Aces

As is too often the case, most media outlets have accidentally or deliberately failed to tell the truth about a pivotal news event, and years later when the truth always comes out, they’re dragging kicking and screaming to announce it. This often comes in the form of a fast-talking, 15-30-second blurb at 3:42 am or tucked away in a newspaper between the classifieds and stories about the latest dog show winners. They did it with the 2016 election and all the Trump-Russia collusion lies, and some people still believe that conspiracy theory (even after the House investigated, the Senate investigated, the FBI investigated five times, the DOJ investigated three times, an inspector general report, the Mueller investigation, the Durham report, and more-some still believe). The media also did it with countless, daily scandals about President Trump

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