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Gen. Milley Claims Threat of Number-One U.S. Enemy China Is Exaggerated

Gen. Mark “Wreck-It Ralph” Milley is at it again. The Joint Chiefs chair has declared that the rhetoric around the threat of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is “overheated” — even though he himself confessed the Chinese army believes war is imminent. But considering Milley previously called the CCP to tell them he’d warn them if then-President Trump were about to attack China, making him a traitor, something tells me he’s not to be trusted.

Defense One reported that Milley said we should “lower the rhetoric” on China, even though China is doing the opposite. The site’s Kevin Barron interviewed Milley, who ignored the fact that China is becoming ever more openly hostile to the U.S. (even threateningmilitary action), has boasted about replacing the U.S.-led world order, and is pushing to replace the dollar with the yuan as the global reserve currency. But somehow Milley thinks we shouldn’t be too concerned.

Ironically, Milley himself said the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) thinks it’s about to fight the U.S. “My understanding and my analysis of China is that at least their military, and perhaps others, have come to some sort of conclusion that war with the United States is inevitable. I think that’s a very dangerous thing.” Darn right it is.

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