Megan Rapinoe, highly decorated member of the US Women’s National Soccer Team, who became a controversial figure due to her protests of our National Anthem, tore her Achilles tendon 6 minutes into her final professional match. In the post-match press conference, she said, “I’m not a religious person or anything and if there was a god, like, this is proof that there isn’t.” This has to be the most narcissistic response to an injury or setback an athlete could have. She is saying, ‘there is no God, because if there was, God would have given me everything I want.’ It would be like a millionaire who prays to win the lottery and when he doesn’t, can only conclude that God doesn’t exist because he didn’t get everything he asked for.

God does not care about the outcomes of sports contests. He does not intervene in the results of soccer matches. With all the suffering in the world, Rapinoe believes that a sports injury to her is all the evidence she needs to disprove the existence of God? Think about the level of self-importance it takes to make that statement. How can someone who has injected herself into so many prominent social-justice causes, claiming to stand up for the suffering and disaffected people in the world, be so self-absorbed, without an ounce of perspective to believe that a minor setback in her life was so profoundly significant?

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