Here We Go Again

After she was fired from CBS, journalist Catherine Herridge had her files, computers and records, seized by security at CBS. This is an unprecedented move by a news organization. Most journalists, like Herridge, have privileged sources who would fear being exposed if the journalist files were compromised. After what happened to Herridge, confidential sources will be less willing to speak to journalists from CBS because of fear that their identity may be revealed. That is why journalist are willing to go to jail to protect their sources because they want those sources to have confidence that they will remain anonymous. SAG-AFTRA Union called this move by CBS, “a dangerous precedent for all media professionals and threatens the very foundation of the First Amendment.” But we don’t care ab out the First Amendment in America anymore. Free speech is no longer apriority. Protecting certain politicians has become the first priority.

 Why would CBS take this unprecedented step when it obviously hurts their news agency’s credibility? The answer is almost predictable, Catherine Herridge was working on a story about Hunter Biden. She’s over the target so she must be fired, and her files must be confiscated. This is not new. Leading up to the 2020 election, 50 current and former intelligence agents signed a letter stating that Hunter Biden’s laptop which contained numerous crimes committed by Hunter Biden and also exposed the corruption of Joe Biden, was Russian disinformation, so the contents would be suppressed in the media. They all publicly testified to that even though the FBI had already internally verified that the laptop was real. Why would these intelligence officers knowingly and publicly lie to America and destroy their own credibility to protect Hunter Biden? 

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