Here We Go Again

This week, former PresidentDonald Trump was indicted for the second time in two months on allegedcrimes related to handling of classified documents. He faces up to 100 years inprison. So, Joe Biden’s Department of Justice has indicted the front-runningcandidate from the opposite party who is leading in the polls in a head-to-headmatch-up with Biden. Trump was indicted for possessing classified documents inhis home, the exact same thing that Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Mike Pence werediscovered doing but none of them have been indicted? Why?

 In April, Trumpwas indicted for paying Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about an extramarital affair, but Bill Clinton who paid $750,000 to Paula Jones in asexual harassment settlement was never indicted of anything, even though helied to a federal grand jury. In 2019, Trump was impeached for “quid pro quo”in Ukraine for inquiring about Hunter Biden’s illegal business dealings inUkraine, but Joe Biden who leveraged $1 billion of military aid to Ukraine to getthe Ukrainian President to fire the prosecutor investigating his son’s illegalbusiness dealings, has never been impeached. 

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