Hey, Joe! Didn't You Notice I'd Started Reading The VOMIT BAG??!!

Hey, Joe! Didn’t You Notice I’d Started Reading The VOMIT BAG??!!

Last night’s boring ‘State of the Union Address’–presented by 2023 America’s alleged chief executive ‘leader’—was the most embarrassing hodgepodge of boldfaced lies and pacifying, empty platitudes ever recited by a stooge posing as a president. A government employee like Joe Biden has no place in the White House outside of its janitorial closets. For the past couple of weeks at least, the big news outfits have been planting thinly veiled promotional spots preparing the nation for the SOTU address, which was supposed to have been written by a staff of speech-writers who purportedly rivaled in talent the likes of Ben Stein, Abraham Lincoln and William Shakespeare. But sadly, about fifteen minutes into the program, it was obvious that the guys running the teleprompter were frantically wondering if they had brought the wrong thumb drive to what was supposed to be their stammering boss’ crowning oratory.

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