Hoppe Meets Dunder Mifflin: When NBC’s The Office Taught Us About the Dangers of Democracy

Hoppe Meets Dunder Mifflin: When NBC’s The Office Taught Us About the Dangers of Democracy

Cody Cook – Contributor, Libertarian Christian Institute



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Some of Freedom Hub’s favorite episodes have explicated the political and economic lessons of pop culture.  It’s a fun way to learn about liberty and life’s challenges because stories include emotion and real situations to which so many of us can relate. 

Tom Firey of the Cato Institute explained how the Korean War-simulating medical comedy MASH explained America’s love of “classical liberalism”. 

UVA’s Shakespeare professor Paul Cantor showed how liberty enabled the characters in Gilligan’s Island and Star Trek to coexist;

Katie Phipps Hague of the Mises Institute presented the best Christmas presents around these days – the Libertas children’s series, the “Tuttle Twins”; and

David Theroux of the Independent Institute argued both C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien’s classics defended voluntaryism.

This week, Christian anarchist Cody Cook takes on “democracy”, in terms of the beloved comedy series, “The Office”.  As some understand, America’s government is not a democracy, or at least it wasn’t supposed to be.  Our Founders understood democracy as ruled by the mob, alluding to the Athens mob killing Socrates by a majority vote.  Franklin famously said that we had been given a “Republic” – but only “if we could keep it”.  Has our limited government republic morphed into an uncontrollable, tyrannical democracy?  (We think so.)

The Office series explored the dangerous demagoguery inherent to democracy, and Mr. Cook will explain why this is so, via a look at Hoppe’s controversial classic, “Democracy: The God That Failed.”

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