Hunter Biden’s Guilty? Quick, Let’s Pretend Trump’s Prosecution is Fair! – Flopping Aces

Following Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict on Tuesday, the mainstream media was quick to make the false argument that Hunter Biden and President Trump’s cases were “equal justice under the law.” They claimed that it is not possible that Trump’s “guilty” verdict was part of a political prosecution led by Joe Biden’s White House.

However, this cannot be further from the truth. For starters, Hunter Biden was found guilty of lying about drug use on a federal background check to purchase a firearm. Hunter self-documented his drug use during the time in question, making his criminal case pretty open and shut.

This was not the reality in Trump’s case, as DA Alvin Bragg relied upon testimony from proven liars Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen to “convict” Trump. The mainstream media also spread a lie that Hunter Biden was a “victim” due to being a drug addict.

The vital fact CNN and MSNBC left out to their viewers is that Hunter had all the resources in the world to get help, something most drug addicts in America do not have access to, and then chose to avoid rehab.

Tuesday is yet another example proving the mainstream media will “report” anything to advance Democrat propaganda.

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