Hunter’s Sentencing Takes Months, Trump’s Wraps Up Conveniently Before GOP Convention – Coincidence? – Flopping Aces

Some people wonder why, since Hunter’s attorneys put on almost no defense at all, Hunter didn’t take a plea deal. Unaccountably, Hunter insisted he was innocent, and demanded a jury trial — but then didn’t offer evidence of his innocence. What, exactly, was his strategy?

Those kinds of pointed questions remain unanswered, and unquestioned by corporate media.

In case you were tempted to start wondering about it all, BBC’s analyst labeled all doubts about the Hunter Trial as “bizarre.” Bizarre, even though Joe Biden’s son was only charged with the least criminal conduct that the trial evidence proved, eliding right over the millions Hunter raked in from U.S. enemies. Bizarre, even though Trump was charged with the most criminal conduct prosecutors could dream up, using tortured, novel legal theories.

But the BBC can’t see any difference between the two trials.

What do you think? Is Hunter’s conviction conclusive evidence that “no one is above the law?” Or is Hunter a willing Scapegoat of the Empire, as Representative Greene suggested?

Yesterday, corporate media widely reported that Hunter’s sentencing could take months, because these things take time. But Trump will be sentenced in a few weeks, right before the GOP Convention. Trump’s trial dragged on for weeks; Hunter’s was rammed through in only a few days. Hunter’s charges were routine firearms violations; Trump’s charges were unprecedented creative lawfare based on political conduct in office.

The stark differences continue, through every material point of comparison. But never mind! The differences will fade away into the media’s fog machine of confusion.

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What do you think?

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