“I have a dream!” – and yes it is as significant as that time in history – Lawyers of the US Unite! Resources, intellect, time and money need to be combined

so that they are at least twice those that will oppose prosecutions of the guilty

I ball park 20 million bucks made up mostly of time spent by a high powered team of lawyers, rather than Tom’s estimate below:

Thomas Renz posted a realistic assessment of the ethical reasons why he, on his own, cannot bring a case against the perpetrators of those that caused deaths and injuries to Americans – deaths of around 800,000 and injuries of around 130 million (multiple per person).

On his SubStack here:

Yes – We Can Sue for the Jabs BUT… – Tom Renz’s Newsletter (

He estimates the resources needed.

1.      5 lawyers full time cost to employ (including insurance, taxes, etc) = conservatively $200K each per year so $1 million per year.

2.      Decent paralegals run approximately $80-100K per year to employ = conservatively $160K per year.

3.      Experts like you would need in this case are quite expensive. My estimate is that anything less than $500k-$1 million for experts on a case like this would be tough.

4.      Litigation costs and travel over the course of a case like this would likely approach $500K

5.      I would expect the case to run 3-5 years but would want to budget for at least 5 in light of the appeals necessary.

6.      This means that the total cost to properly file a case like I would envision against those responsible for the jab would be (conservatively) $5 million + $800K + $500K + $500K = $6.8 million.

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