If you need Blood, will it be Vaxxtaminated?

If you need Blood, will it be Vaxxtaminated?

Jake Baker, D.Div. – Founder, IronHeart Bloodworks



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If you find yourself hospitalized and needing a blood transfusion, you are NOT going to be happy about intravenous delivery of plasma from a vaccinated donor, especially if you already got the jab.  That’s because the 60% of Americans (and much of the rest of the planet’s population) who participated in the RNA-modifying vaccine experiment now have blood that is tainted and possibly altered.  How toxic or modified? Nobody knows for sure.  But there is enough evidence now out to lead any self-thinking individual to want some way to ensure that any blood they may need to receive is untainted and SAFE.  And that needs to be set up in advance.

In the Freedom Hub episode mentioned above we discussed Living Wills on the QR-coded medical vault that is included in our Forbes-featured healthplan solution for families and businesses.  Mr. Baker will mention other solutions you WILL want to learn about, too – including a wellness product called “Sanus1”.  When “specialists” could only scratch their heads and offer their sincere condolences for his wife, Jake knew he had to bring this remarkable formula to the public when it saved her life.

An accomplished businessman with a Doctorate in both Divinity and Ministry, Jake has spoken here and across the globe on politics, finance, prophecy, and history.  Dr. Baker is the author of six books and has published over 1,000 articles and editorials.  Dr. Baker and his wife Katie have been involved in the production of multiple movies and were Associate Producers of “8 Days”, a movie about sex trafficking in America.

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