In Today’s Toxic World, Our Health Needs the Body Analyzer!

In Today’s Toxic World, Our Health Needs the Body Analyzer!

John Barson – Editor, Total Health Magazine,



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When group life insurers started reporting “excess death” – not for Covid but rather post-Covid, after the vast majority of humanity had foolishly partaken in the vaccine experiment, the corrupt powers that shouldn’t be went into overdrive creating excuses for why morbidity and mortality weren’t decreasing after their miraculous injection. That was the Fall of 2021.

While some, like our friend, the late Charles Bens, discounted the vaccine-caused theory and focused instead on “Long Covid” and related causes, other experts noticed a similarity in symptoms – between Long Covid and COVID-19 Vaxx injury.

Now, in the Fall of 2023, Ed Dowd – the financier who broke the excess death insurer story above – released new data from the UK.  It shows that cancers, especially among the working age, are far in excess of the norm… by over a third.

Adding to Americans’ health deficit, Congress is now passing bills to enmesh everyone in a wireless digital prison… Biden is funding geoengineering to poison our air… and all the while, Big Ag and Big BioTech are poisoning our crops, food, and water.  As a result, the real epidemic – CHRONIC disease – has exploded from 10% of Americans in 1990 to over 50% today.  Conventional medicine, of course, is only adding to the problem – as it was designed to do.

At Total Health Magazine Mr. Barson has worked to educate the masses and the health industry on treatments that work.  Building on the Functional Assessment pioneering work of Dr. Bens, John has worked with Vadim Pougatchev, the developer of the Body Health Analyzer, to give you the tools to take control of your own health.  But first, you need the Body Analyzer to learn where you’re at right now.

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