Is it Okay that “Woke,” Deep State Ideologies Threaten Our Children and Families?

Is it Okay that “Woke,” Deep State Ideologies Threaten Our Children and Families?

Justin Ouimette – VP, Gov Affairs, State Freedom Caucus Network



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With the “Woke” movement running amok, Americans are awake too and concerned about, threats to their children’s safety — and even their rights to live in a society with traditional (sane) values.  Exaggerating people’s mental health struggles, Democrats are pushing bills to allow child transgender surgeries without parental notification – since they see parents as ‘too unbalanced’ to be good parents, and that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

After running the House Freedom Caucus, consisting of congressional Republicans who prefer Constitutional Rights over special interest cronyism, Mr. Ouitmette is setting up chapters in all 50 states to hold to the fire the feet of the RINO’s and so-called conservative legislators.  Too many of them caved under the Covid fear, and now politicians face pressure to go along with central bank currencies, carbon footprint rationing, and “Woke” behavior tracking. 

But favored GOP presidential candidate Trump has joined emerging health freedom hero Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in fingering the real epidemic:  CHRONIC DISEASE.  Investigation of this tragedy, affecting over half the population, will expose the special interest capture of the institutions and bureaucracies that are supposed to protect our health… not ruin it.  Will Republicans – let alone Democrats – have the stomach to free our Republic from the tentacles of this cronyism?

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