Is RFK Taking a Hard Enough Line Against Climate Alarmism and Carbon Tax Tyranny?

Is RFK Taking a Hard Enough Line Against Climate Alarmism and Carbon Tax Tyranny?

Mark Krebs – Principal, Master Resource

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RFK is getting unfairly hammered by Trump for old threats to cage climate deniers.  Post-Covid, Kennedy acknowledges now that Climate Alarmism will only be exploited like any other fear-mongering, courtesy of the same tyrannical globalists who generated fear around a ginned-up COVID virus that had a 99.5% survival rate, (i.e., the flu.)

But, Bobby won’t let go of his old repulsion to carbon and cheerleading for “Green” energy.  With preemption threats from the World Health Organization to coerce our behavior with carbon footprints and energy rationing, can we give RFK a pass?

The free market energy scholars at Master Resource say “No”.  The truth is important in all matters, not just the Health Freedom cause at which Kennedy is a master.  He is wrong, though, on existential risks and the facts surrounding energy.  Still, too many voters remain confused by the Republican giveaways while the real problem, global pollution, is swept under the rug.  Not only do we need to start seriously addressing pollution, but we also need to educate the public on the problem and scope of pollution today.

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