Is School Damaging to Children?



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Is School Damaging to Children?

Michael Strong – Iconic Education Philosopher


After easily getting into Harvard, Mr. Strong got bored and moved to the ‘Great Books’ program at St. John’s – which used a Socratic method of learning instead of lecturing. Moving around different universities and high schools he quickly learned no one was using this proven Socratic method, and students were suffering as a result. Starting Montessori and Charter Schools with underserved populations, he trained them quickly to outperform richer students on standardized tests. While now eager to scale his solution, politics is standing in the way.

To facilitate ramping up the program, Michael has actively supported the movement for “Free Cities,” which would allow unfettered entrepreneurship around all goods and services, including education. In 2004, with Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, he started a nonprofit that became the “Conscious Capitalist” org – which was about “making money by doing good.”

Unfortunately, too many middle-class Americans keep their kids in failing government schools – and even today’s private schools try hard to comply with top-down standards.

All the while, it is well known that some of humanity’s best entrepreneurs and leaders come from homeschooling and unschooling environments. So, how do we awaken American parents to understand this, and demand better schooling for their kids?

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