Is YouTube LYING About Reviewing Channel Video Appeals?

Is YouTube telling creators who filed video appeals to have their channels remonetized that they have “carefully reviewed” their appeal videos when in fact NO ONE actually looked at them? In my case, I have evidence that they DID NOT look at my video appeal. Not surprising since I sent the appeal video to them yesterday (June 26) AFTERNOON and by 2:08 AM PDT on June 27 they somehow managed to not only “see” my video but also reviewed and passed judgement upon it. “See” in quotes because they did NOT see the video.

As a fringe benefit for seeing the case I present for mendacity on the part of YouTube, you get to see what I think is my highly entertaining appeal video that I sent to YouTube which reveals why their weaponization of the monetization process no longer works due to more profitable options for video creators.

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Posted by pjcomix

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