It's Debatable

Last night, the Republican candidates at the debate decided to use their time in front of the American people, not to lay out their vision for America or to describe how they are going to undo all of the damage that Joe Biden has wrought on this country, instead, they decided to attack each other, and most of all, takes shots at former President Donald Trump. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that “Donald Trump is missing in action.” Nikki Haley called Trump the “most disliked politician in America”. And Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called Trump, “Donald Duck”, as if that’s going to move the needle or dissuade any potential Trump voter from voting for Trump.

This debate and Trump’s decision not to attend display Trump’s astute political instincts. Why would he degrade himself and be a part of that spectacle last night? Trump won the debate because his absence was felt more than anyone else’s presence. And that is the difference between all the candidates. Trump’s echoes speak louder than their loudest screams. Like it or not, Donald J Trump is going to be the nominee for the Republican party in 2024. And that is why he is facing four separate politically motivated indictments as a way to interfere with the election and remove Trump from the ballot. And they all are going to be adjudicated during the heart of the Presidential campaign by far-left prosecutors from Democrat leaning jurisdictions in front of liberal judges. That’s how much the left fears Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.

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Posted by juddgarrett

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