J6 Committee Hearsay vs Your Own Lyin' Eyes Video

Who are you going to believe? The second-hand hearsay of the January 6 Committee’s star witness Cassidy Hutchinson whose account was CONTRADICTED by the first hand witnesses or your own lyin’ eyes viewing some of the over 40,000 hours of J6 video presented by Tucker Carlson? If, as the liberals claim, that video was “selectively edited,” then those liberals should ask for access to that video (which they NEGLECTED to do for the past couple of years) and put it in what they claim is the proper context. However, instead of trying to counter the message of what we plainly see on the video, they are melting down over the messenger, Tucker Carlson.

Keep in mind that despite all the video out there of January 6, the J6 Committee highlighted as their STAR WITNESS someone who provided laughable second hand testimony that was immediately contradicted. It is easy now to forget the buildup by the J6 Committee and their media allies last summer for what was supposed to be slam dunk testimony to prove their case. They reason we did forget is that their STAR WITNESS account immediately fizzled out under just a small bit of examination. Yet those same liberals are now in a panic attack over the public being able to watch the FIRST HAND account of the events that day via the videos.

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