Joe Biden. From C'mon Man to Nowhere Man – Flopping Aces

He’s as blind as he can be
Just sees what he wants to see
Nowhere man, can you see me at all
Nowhere man don’t worry
Take your time, don’t hurry
Leave it all ’til somebody else
Lends you a hand
Ah, la, la, la, la

When terrible events occur on a national level, Presidents are expected to take an interest and address the country. That is unless you’re Joe Biden. Biden harps on the environment all the time, telling us how wonderful are the things he’s doing with his climate change bill. Yet he’s nowhere to be seen when a true ecological disaster unfolds in Ohio.

His identity politics choice for Secretary of Transportation, Petey Buttigieg, is also AWOL. He, like pretty much all of Biden’s cabinet, is becoming a political liability.

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Posted by cstarman417

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