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Marxism was easily the most destructive political theory to ever be put into practice. Over the course of the 20th century it was responsible for the purposeful killing of well over 100 million people. To put that evil into context, the slave trade into the United States was 400,000 people, the number of Congolese dead during the reign of King Leopold II of Belgium is estimated as high as 10 million and the total number of deaths during WWII was 73 million. But Communism beats them all, combined. And the vast majority of those numbers came from governments killing their own citizens! I mention all of this is because the father of Communism, Karl Marx, has been on my mind lately.

Marx was a despicable human being. It’s often said that he never had a job in his life. That’s not technically true. Although he had a doctorate, his radicalism kept most universities from hiring him. He was a writer and editor for a number of publications, most of which went bankrupt because no one was reading them, or were shuttered by governments seeking to quell what they saw as sedition. He was a writer for the New-York Daily Tribune for a decade and later for the New York Sun. None of these jobs paid particularly well or consistently (other than the Tribune) and what they did pay Marx often spent on alcohol and tobacco.

Marx’s family lived in poverty and debt his entire life and often they went hungry and were evicted a number of times. This, despite Marx having received substantial inheritances from his parents and his taking numerous “loans” from friends. He fathered at least seven children with his wife, but only three survived to adulthood, in part due to the family’s poverty and its consequent malnutrition. But Marx never once took a job that would economically support his family and give them sufficient sustenance. In reality, Marx spent most of his adult life supported by his friend, co-author and defacto vassal, Friedrich Engels, the son of a textile manufacturer. Aside from being a hypocrite, arrogant, condescending, violent with words and sometimes deeds, Marx was also a slovenly man. He drank to excess, smoked and almost never bathed. A German spy, after visiting Marx, reported “[Marx] leads the existence of a Bohemian intellectual. Washing, grooming and changing his linen are things he does rarely, and he is often drunk.” And he was a racist and an antisemite as well, despite his father having converted to Christianity for political and economic reasons.

Marx spent virtually his entire adult life decrying the inequality and “failures” of Capitalism and proffering the replacement of Capitalism & democracy with Communism as outlined in he and Engels in The Communist Manifesto. But the thing is, Marx had no direct connection to actual Capitalism other than taking the money produced by it to support him and his family. He had no experience starting a business, building a business, managing payroll, insurance, suppliers, customers, employees, unions or anything else. No, he learned everything he knew about business and economics from reading.

…Which brings me to why Marx has been on my mind. Does any of the above sound familiar? A vile, self-centered and arrogant individual with poor hygiene, highly educated, with little or no experience doing anything resembling productive and spending his time railing against society and advocating for its violent overthrow? It should, because we’ seeing thousands of individuals – many highly educated (including lawyers!) and most with no experience in producing anything in the real world – violently demonstrating for the overthrow the United States as we know it. From Portland to New York to Atlanta to Tampa every time we get the mugshots and reports from the police of the arrestees, they look exactly like you would expect, unkempt, modern day wannabe Karl Marxs. A majority of them are professional agitators, going from place to place causing trouble.

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