Liar, Liar, World’s Not on Fire: No Global Warming for 8 Years

It is the nature of climate to change. The climate in various parts of the world has gone from warmer periods to colder periods, and back to warm again. This happened long before SUVs and air conditioning, and the world didn’t spontaneously burst into flames, as some climate crazies seem to anticipate now. We’ve had fifty years of dire predictions of imminent disaster, and yet, here we are.

Global warming is an unscientific hoax. That’s based on hard data and evidence. It’s little more than a political and money-making tool.

It’s official:

No global warming for 8 years and 5 months, per NASA satellite data.

That’s no warming despite ~475 billion tons of CO2 emissions.

CO2 warming is the biggest scientific hoax of all time.”

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Posted by CatSalgado32

Catherine Salgado is a columnist for The Rogue Review, a Writer for MRC Free Speech America, and writes her own Substack, Pro Deo et Libertate. She received the Andrew Breitbart MVP award for August 2021 from The Rogue Review for her journalism.

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