Liberal Meltdown: Trump Turns San Francisco Fundraiser into a Goldmine – Flopping Aces

Today’s final entry begins with Reuters’ refreshing story from late last week, headlined “Trump rakes in $12 million at tech fundraiser in liberal San Francisco.”

Reuters seemed shocked — shocked! — that Trump’s post-conviction fundraising dinner, with seats selling for $300,000 each, in liberal San Fransisco, was sold out. Trump’s campaign looked to raise $5 million, but easily overshot that goal by more than double, netting over $12 million in one dinner.

That unexpected success, on top of Trump’s recent, massive rally in the Bronx, despite his legal troubles, are causing some to re-think the political landscape. This morning, Fox ran a provocative op-ed headlined, “How Trump cracked the code to penetrate the blue wall. The author argued that Trump is poised to capture traditional blue-city democrat constituencies, all the way from high-tech workers down to inner-city minorities and democrat blue-collar types, who feel written off by both political parties.

If Trump could shift the big blue cities, it’s all over.

“How many untapped votes,” the author wondered, “are there in the deep blue cities of Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and elsewhere?” He suggested, as I have long said, that blue city governments’ anti-cop, pro-crime policies are making this election much more personal than possibly any presidential election in our lifetimes.

If President Trump stands for anything, it is commonsense, pragmatic solutions, like building a border wall. Biden, on the other hand, only offers complicated, nonsensical “solutions” like repeatedly defying the Supreme Court to pay off student loans with taxpayers’ money.

Trump, who can fairly be described as a marketing genius, seems to clearly sense an opportunity to create a generational shift. The fact that he knows is reflected in several recent headlines.

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