Matthew McConaughey Cozied Up to Fauci Who Was Villain of "Dallas Buyers Club"

Evil Dr. Anthony Fauci was the villain of “Dallas Buyers Club” yet for some bizarre reason the star of that movie, Matthew McConaughey, years later sucked up to Fauci with an incredibly softball interview about COVID in August, 2020. McConaughey likes to portray himself as a politically independent thinker yet he carefully followed the liberal narrative while questioning Fauci. Keep in mind that it was Fauci’s drug policies that McConaughey’s screen character was angry about. Oh, and please don’t tell me that the villain of the “Dallas Buyers Club” was not Fauci because the McConaughey character was railing against the FDA and Fauci was director of the NIAID. Everybody knows that Fauci was totally in control of drug policy and the film producers wanted to avoid legal problems by fictionalizing the villain although it was obvious who it was as Jimmy Dore pointed out.

When you watch the interview by Matthew McConaughey of Fauci you can see it was chock full of wild MISINFORMATION. This might explain why McConaughey now wishes he should have never allowed himself to be talked into interviewing Fauci. Nice touch there at the time to attempt to rehabilitate Fauci by having him interviewed by the actor whose character on screen denounced the Fauci character in “Dallas Buyers Club.”

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