Monthly C19, VAERS and variant report – C19 cases and deaths drop, C19 vaxx adverse events and deaths increase slightly – a billion and a half bucks spent by th

Let’s construct a “conspiracy theory” that joins most of the dots “discovered” by investigators and intentionally ad maliciously concealed from the people being wounded and dying from the scamdemic and the experimental C19 mRNA injections. Remember, so far, there is strong evidence that there was no severe pandemic, the measures taken during the scamdemic were known to be futile ad that the experimental injections have likely killed tens of millions worldwide (700,000 in the US) AND altered the lives of over a billion people I order to cope with injuries suffered (more than 9 million in the US). We do not know if the health of those suffering from vaxx damage are improving, stable for a time, or worsening.

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Posted by peter halligan

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